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Our Pastor

Ezekeoll Easton

Lead Pastor


Ezekeoll Easton is a believer in his Lord Jesus Christ. He grew up in True Love Missionary Baptist Church but strayed into gangs, violence, and drugs. He truly committed his life to Christ at the age of 23.


Ezekeoll is a husband to his beautiful supportive wife, Keeta Easton. They have been married for nine years. They have three joyful children (Eliana, Moses, and Abraham) and two adult sons (Tyrese and Dominique). 


Ezekeoll has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Indiana Wesleyan University. He also has a Certificate of Completion in Church Planting.


Ezekeoll was licensed to preach and ordained to pastor in 2012. He planted Bible Life Community Church in 2016.


Ezekeoll is a servant at heart. He loves to roll up his sleeves and serve where God leads him. He is grateful to be able to equip the saints to live the word, give the word, and love people as Christ commands.




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